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Welcome to the home of DRT Dumpsters, the company that is the undisputed leader when it comes to contracting waste removal help in The Glass City. If you’re here because you need to dispose of any kind of unwanted materials you should definitely stay for a bit longer since you’ll surely fail to find a better deal than the one we are about to present you with. Our dumpster rental services are undoubtedly the best there are in the state of Ohio and we’re saying it because it’s true, not just to convince you to call us. In fact, we’ll now do what other dumpster rental companies always avoid by giving you tons of valuable information on how our company works and why it is your ideal supplier of Toledo roll off dumpster rentals.

Why Do You Need To Rent Roll Off Dumpsters in Toledo, Ohio?

Unfortunately, this aspect is severely neglected by most companies that offer dumpster rental in Toledo and its surroundings. If you’re a regular homeowner who just needs a small roll off dumpster do you really want to use the same system and get the same dumpster rental prices as a large company who is regularly dealing with these things? Of course not – every type of client needs a certain type of attention and we are the only ones who seem to have figured that out.

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There comes a time when your home simply needs one of those large metal containers. Maybe you’re here because it’s time for some spring cleaning efforts. All the useless junk and old furniture that has been crowding up your backyard, attic and basement need to be taken care of and there’s no easier way to do it than to get professional dumpster rentals in Toledo. There are, of course, other ways of getting rid of all that trash, but nothing compares to having a large roll off dumpster delivered right to your home and not worrying about who is going to pick it up.

Or perhaps you’re about to start performing some renovation work on your house. Well, where’s all the result heavy debris going to go other than your lawn? Trust us, it doesn’t deserve such awful treatment. Make sure all the brick, cement and scrap metal your efforts leave behind don’t end up on your yard by already having a waste container set in place when you start your project. Home Toledo dumpster rentals are amazingly easy to deal with – just call our number and see for yourself!


If a lot of people depend on you getting the right waste management help, then you definitely shouldn’t settle for a mediocre service. Here at DRT Dumpsters we have always stuck to the highest standards and our commitment has been rewarded tenfold: basically anyone who knows how this industry works can tell you we’re the ones who offer the premier Toledo dumpster rental services.

Constructions, renovations, demolitions, events, restaurants, concerts, and many other activities need reliable waste removal assistance and we’re the ones to call for such needs in this part of Ohio regardless of how demanding your project is. Our team knows it is very important to offer the best dumpster rental prices while staying on track with scheduling, so you simply can’t go wrong when working with us.

How To Effectively Rent Roll Off Dumpsters in Toledo And Its Surrounding Areas

We think you’ll be very happy to see that working with us is much simpler than what you would usually encounter in this industry. Those who worked with other providers of Toledo dumpster rentals know exactly what we mean. Our team understands our clients’ time is valuable and for that reason our system is built in a way that allows for your involvement to be at the absolute minimum. Sure, you’ll get all the information you need and you can always check in on us to see the state of your waste solution, but if you prefer to solve everything with a simple phone call then that’s exactly how it’s going to be.

That being said, the next step to finally solve your heavy debris or trash situation is to dial our number or use the form you see in the upper right side of this page. Our superb prices, our out of the ordinary customer care reps and our perfect reliability will all add up to what can only be called the best dumpster rental Toledo can offer!

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