Toledo Dumpster Rental Safety Tips

If want to rent dumpsters in Toledo we are certain you have a ton of questions you would like an answer to before starting off your project. Unlike some of our competitors, here at DRT Dumpsters we like to keep our clients as informed as possible, so here are some tips on how to make the most out of your waste removal solution. Keep in mind though that the fastest and most effective way of finding out everything you want to know on this subject is to use one of the two contact methods we have made available on this page. Handling these containers can sometimes prove to be quite hazardous, so make sure you get all the information before getting to work.

Be wary of power lines before having your Toledo dumpster rental deployed.Regardless of where you’re renting your dumpster for home or business use there’s a high likelihood that there might be power lines near your work site. Use your container’s height only as a reference though – roll off dumpsters are unloaded at an angle, so you might need some extra space. In any case, you should definitely check our dumpster sizes page.

Make sure children stay away from the dumpster. When you’re renovating your homeyou should be wary of the fact that kids have a tendency to play around the new shiny thing that’s sitting in your yard.

Avoid driveway damage. If your dumpster is going to be placed on your driveway you can prevent it from being scratched by putting down some plywood. It’s cheap, fast solution and you’ll be glad you did it.

Make sure you know what you’re dealing with. Some materials simply can’t be loaded in a roll off dumpster. If you’re dealing with toxic waste materials you should check with your customer care rep to see if you’re allowed to use one of our containers for such problems. The issue isn’t with us: it’s with the local landfill environmental regulations. Batteries, appliances, tires are usually a no-go.

The dumpster has to be placed on strong ground. If you’re performing work on a construction site you should always make sure the container is placed in an area that can actually hold its weight. The last thing you want to deal with is a large roll off dumpster filled with heavy debris sliding down your work site.

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